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Welcome to Counselling in the Norwich area with Annie Green-Armytage.

 July 2024:  I now have some spaces available immediately. Email me today for an intake meeting.

I also have a few supervision slots available. See my supervision page for more details, or email me now for an initial meeting. 
Are you lonely, fed up, depressed? Or maybe you’re anxious or worried, either about something in particular, or just about life in general.

Perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you; or have had a traumatic experience that you need to talk through.

Or perhaps you simply want more out of life but don’t know how to go about finding it?


These are the sorts of issues I can help you with. As a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor, I will work with you collaboratively at your pace and with the issues that you decide to bring.


Contact me now via email or text or call 07749 818328. 

I am currently offering a choice of in-person appointments and video appointments using zoom . I would recommend in-person to start with, as experience suggests this is the quickest way of establishing a good working relationship, but if this is not possible I am happy to offer zoom.

‘Thank you for all your support over the last few years, you have truly helped me with managing a lot of my emotions and helping me to come to terms with various things. You created a safe space for me to be free with my emotion and have helped me no end.’ LH

'It’s been life-changing. I feel more even and more contented, and I know this feeling is down to me, not anyone else. I’m in the driving seat’ NR

‘I just wished to let you know what a difference the counselling sessions made. In just a few weeks, I have changed from feeling trapped within my situation… I've learned to let the negative memories go, to leave them behind, and take back control of my own life and relationships again. I now look forward to new experiences, and building new memories. Thank you, Annie!’ KR

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